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Biolife is a New Zealand company that specializes in marketing high end dairy products. Our commitment to providing our customers with high quality New Zealand dairy products have remained unchanged since we first established in 1999. Our products are made here in New Zealand and through our market leading dairy European partners. We are also committed to ensuring that all Biolife products comply with New Zealand and European Union standards for dairy products, this also includes all country specific regulations.

Biolife product line includes Infant formula, Dairy Nutritional Products, Colostrum products and Food supplements.

Our mission statement at Biolife is "Harnessing Resources of New Zealand, Delivering Dairy Products of Excellence". To achieve this, our team at Biolife has been focusing on product safety, the reliability of our products and the adaptability of premium nutrients for the needs of the human body.

We have also been working with our global partners to build a strong process that will achieve our branding objectives. Currently, our Healtheries/Peizhi colostrum range, Sunplus Infant Formula, and health Food supplements are made from New Zealand's milk, processed with leading edge technologies, and supplemented with resources from Europe and the America. This has created a unique business model that allows us to integrate processes for the domestic and international markets.

For over a decade, Biolife has been concentrating on our strengths in the dairy industry. This has led to partnerships locally and in the global market. For example, our partnership with Healtheries of New Zealand Limited has launched our Healtheries/Peizhi Colostrum range; our partnership with Synlait New Zealand and Fonterra New Zealand to form sustainable world class colostrum, and finally, with leading New Zealand dairy manufacturers that are able to meet our specific product requirements. Another example would be the joint development of Probiotic products with Swedish Biogaia and other products with HORDORF.
These partnerships have allowed us a greater flexibility to grow in the global market as evident during the Shanghai World Expo. Biolife was given the opportunity to be the sole New Zealand representative for pregnant women’s formula and colostrum products.

Biolife is a member of the Infant Nutrition Council of New Zealand and Australia (INC), the Auckland Chamber of Commerce for more than 10 years and other leading industry organisations like the NPNZ, GS1, NZCTA to name a few. We also hold an export licence for dairy products that has been issued by the Ministry of Primary Industry.

Our team at Biolife adheres to three main principles, Honesty, Efficiency and Innovation. Our aim is to create an open platform for our partners to deliver the healthy and nutritional properties of milk to consumers.


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