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At Biolife, our commitment is to provide you, our customers, with high quality dairy products that are healthy and nutritional for your family. When you purchase our product of Sunplus infant formula, Healtheries/Peizhi Colosturm and Health Food Supplement products, you can be assured that they are made with New Zealand's natural resources and processed with cutting edge technology.

So, choose Biolife products! And have a taste of PURE New Zealand!  


Sunplus product brand, covering New Zealand made Infant Formula as following:
  • Sunplus Infant Formula
  • Sunplus Follow-on Formula
  • Sunplus Growing Up Formula     


Natrapure with product brands of ManmanCare and Keymore. Product line includes, Dairy Nutritional Products, Colostrum Products and Food Supplements.

MamanCare (sub brand)

Mamancare is the brand for all pregnant and lactating women. This product aims at optimizing the health and well-being of pregnant mothers and providing plenty of essential nutrients for developing babies. View Mamancare in Chinese www.mamancare.com.cn

Keymore (sub brand)

The Keymore pure colostrum powders is Biolife's most cost-effective product, offering affordability with high levels of active ingredients. Keymore pure colostrum powder is also versatile, it can be consumed by all members of your average family. 

Healtheries/Peizhi (co-brand, internationally applicable)

Biolife NZ with our manufacturer Healtheries collaboratively developed the Healtheries/Peizhi series products, which specializes in colostrum based products including pure colostrum powder, colostrum tablets, colostrum milk powder. 

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