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24 Oct 2013

How importance of China to Our Exporters and Trourism

4 Oct 2013

Xu Jianguo: Win Win Pact Worth Celebrating

10 Sep 2013

Market Connections Fund $2 million

26 Apr 2013

China becomes New Zealand's top export market

16 Apr 2013

Drought, Chinese Mums, and the price of milk

The unexpected consequences of the 2013 New Zealand drought

8 Apr 2013

PM meets Chinese President Xi Jinping

2 Apr 2013

China to issue new baby formula regulation: official

25 Mar 2013

PM leads large delegation to visit China

7 Mar 2013

New Zealand poised to meet Chinese protein demand

26 Jan 2013

New Zealand Government Assures Safety of Country's Dairy Products

4 Jan 2012

Agencies move to stop unlawful exports of infant formula

7 Nov 2012 

International Seminar to Share 100 Years Achievement on Latest Nutrients Research

15 Oct 2012  

New Zealand Helps enterprises to develop China  Market

18 Dec 2011             

BBC News: Early milk helps athletic performance, research finds 

16 Nov 2011

Natrapure Infant Formula European Standard Statement Published

18 March 2011

Donation from Global Parterships and Biolife New Zealand

23 November 2010

Biolife New Zealand Press Release

18 July 2011

China's Economy is Crucial to New Zealand

1&2 July  2010
Biolife New Zealand at the New Zealand Pavilion  

8 June  2010
Biolife New Zealand at the Switzerland Pavilion  

June 2010 
Biolife New Zealand at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 

29 November  2007
Dairy Australia prepares for industry’s future 

29 January  2007

Government is consistent with dairy 

20 December  2006

Dairy industry on borrowed time 

15 September  2006

Colostrum management in dairy calves 

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