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Ayurvedic physicians and spiritual leaders have used colostrum for its physical and spiritual health benefits for over 2,000 years. Scandinavian countries have been making colostrum pudding topped with honey for hundreds of years to celebrate the birth of calves and good health. And, until penicillin and other antibiotics were discovered, it was used in the U.S. as an early antibiotic. But it wasn't until about 20 years ago that Western medical scientists began to study colostrum's phenomenal health benefits. Today, over 2,000 scientific and clinical studies have been published by some of the world's most-respected doctors and medical researchers.


Here's just a sampling of what these professionals are saying:

When I first heard the claims about colostrum I dismissed them. Now, after seeing the research, and seeing patients’ results for myself, I’m a believer. - Dr. Donald Henderson MD

"Colostrum is valuable to me both personally and within my practice. I consider colostrum an important therapeutic aid for all my patients who have chronic infections, including bacterial, viral, or fungal … Patients who gain the most from nutritional supplement are those with chronic fatigue syndrome, infectious diarrhea, sinusitis and Fibromyalgia." - Nikki-Marie Welch, MD, Sedona, AZ Townsend Letter for Doctor & Patients

"It is the growth factor content of colostrum which is truly exciting for the adult patient. The growth factors present in colostrum are numerous and of a character that provides great hope for biotechnology." - Daniel S. Bricker, B.S.

"Colostrum: Implications for Accelerated Recovery in Damaged Muscle and Cartilage, Prevention of Some Pathogenic Disease," - The American Chiropractor

"Completely healthy individuals can supplement with colostrum just to maintain their vitality and good health. Colostrum stimulates lean muscle growth and increases endurance…It also promoted the burning of excessive body fat [and] may even help reverse many signs of aging." - Zoltan Rona, M.D.

"It is now well-known that a wide range of antiviral factors are present in colostrum." - Dr. E.L Palmer, Atlanta, GA Center for Disease Control

"Colostrum contains nonspecific inhibitors that inhibit a wide range of respiratory illness, notably influenza viruses. Colostrum is specifically cited for its unique effectiveness against potentially deadly outbreaks of Asian Flu viruses that emerge from animal/human mutations." - Dr. Shortridge, et al, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

"Glycoproteins, in bovine colostrum, inhibit the attachment of the Helicobactor pylori bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Colostrum contains significant amounts of Interlukin-10 (a strong inflammation inhibitory agent), found significant in reducing inflammation in arthritic joints and injury areas." - Dr. Olle Hernell, University of Ulmea, Sweden, Science

"Colostrum and breast milk (from cows and humans) stimulates the newborn's immune system as yet, unidentified proteins speed the maturation of cultured B Lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for production of antibodies." - Dr. Michael Julius, McGill University, Montreal; Science News

"Studies with human volunteers found that the preservation of the biological activity of IgG (immunoglobulin), in the digestive secretions of adults receiving bovine colostrum orally, indicates passive enteral (intestinal) immunization for the prevention and treatment of acute intestinal diseases." - Dr. L.B. Khazenson, Microbial & Epidemial Immunobiology

"Immunoglobulin from bovine colostrum effectively reduces and prevents viral and bacterial infections in immune deficient subjects: Bone marrow recipients, premature babies, AIDS patients" - New England Journal of Medicine

"PRP, in bovine colostrum, has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as hormones of the thymus gland. It activates an under active immune system, helping it move into action against disease-causing organisms. PRP also suppresses an overactive immune system, such as is often seen in the autoimmune diseases. PRP is highly anti-inflammatory and also appears to act on T-cell precursors to produce helper T-cells and suppressers T-cells." - Dr. Staroscik, et al., Molecular Immunology

"Bovine colostrum contains TGF-β which has an important suppressive effect on cytoxic substances (anti-inflammatory). Inhibits cell growth of human osteosarcoma (cancer) cells (75% inhibition). Mediator of fibrosis and angiogenesis (healing of heart muscle and blood vessels), (Roberts et. al., 1986), accelerates wound healing (sporn et. al., 1983) and bone formation (Centrella et al, 1987).
Drs. Tokuyama and Tokuyama, Cancer Research Institute, Kanazaw University, Japan

Growth factors in bovine colostrum were found to be very effective in promoting wound healing. Recommended for trauma and surgical healing. External and internal applications." - Dr. Spron, et al., Science

"Cartilage inducing Factor-A, found in colostrum, stimulates cartilage repair." - Drs. Seyedin, Thompson, Bentz, et al.; Journal of Biological Chemistry

"Colostrum is found to contain numerous powerful, naturally-occurring antioxidants." - Pediatric Research (Vol.24, No.1, pp. 14-19)

"Why colostrums is so important: Because it contains substances that provide temporary immunity against diseases and afflictions until the children own immune system 'turns on.' It contains substances that destroy viruses. It also starts proper bowel movements … stimulates physical growth and initiates many other body functions. One researcher has estimated that colostrum triggers at least 50 processes and functions in the newborn that provide lasting benefits, some lifelong. More recently, we have found that colostrum has great health benefits for adults." -Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. Colostrum: Life's First Food

"Clinical studies show that IgE (immunoglobulin), found in bovine colostrum, may be responsible for regulating allergic response."

"My experience with bovine colostrum has been quite phenomenal when it comes to Fibromyalgia cases. One has to be careful when it comes to colostrum sources, but and excellent source provides a truly beneficial treatment of Fibromyalgia when patients have not responded to anything else. Within two to three weeks their fatigue, muscle and joint paints, and other symptoms are all gone."
Carl Hawkins, DC, Salt Lake City, UT

"I have a number of patients who are arthritic, and bovine colostrum dispensed for the treatment of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis has provided them with amazingly good results." - Dr. Stephen Hynes, ND, San Angelo, TX

"[When colostrum is taken as a supplement] skin appears more youthful, age and 'liver' spots disappear, bone mass and density increases and sexual function is improved and restored." - Zoltan Rona, M.D.

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