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Since our establishment in 1999,  Biolife New Zealand has made significant achievement in dairy industry.
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Blue bullet-14px Mar 2012
Biollife was invited to the first International Association of Infant Food Manufacturers (IFM) Meeting, which is dedicated to providing safe and nutrition foods for infants and young children.
In this meeting, other representatives are from Bayer, Fonterra, H. J. Heinz, Nestlé, Nutricia and Pfizer Nutrition. Biolife New Zealand was the first Non-manufacturer invited to the meeting. 
Blue bullet-14px Jul 2012
Biolife New Zealand successfully launched its Sunplus Infant Formula and 210g Pure Bovine Colostrum at the 12th CBME Mother & Baby Expo in Shanghai
Blue bullet-14px 2010
Biolife was the sole supplier of New Zealand colostrum and pregnancy milk powder formula to the New Zealand pavilion at the World Expo, Shanghai. The event highlighted Biolife leading position in New Zealand colostrums industry and showcased the quality products from Biolife New Zealand. 
Blue bullet-14px 2009
New Zealand Premier John Key visited Biolife New Zealand; Biolife launched the high-premium infant formula successfully under the strategic cooperation with SMG
Blue bullet-14px 2008
Biolife was invited by the Prime Minister Helen Clark to witness the signing of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement with the Premier of China Wen Jiabao 
Blue bullet-14px 2007
The collaborations continued in 2007 with a new partnership with the leading Swedish probiotics company, BioGaia. After three years of R&D, validation studies and numerous tests the first colostrum based probiotic powder was introduced to China. This had profound effects in promoting new trade cooperation between New Zealand, Sweden and China.
Blue bullet-14px 2006
Biolife NZ was honoured with the prestigious "New Zealand Export Awards" for the Peizhi product range. This also marked the start of a new phase in Biolife’s development. Our R&D partnerships and manufacturing collaborations paid off as we looked to grow into new markets. 
Blue bullet-14px 2005
Biolife NZ assisted the China Dairy Industry Association to develop the colostrum industry specification and standards which was formed in two parts: “RHB601-2005 the fresh liquid colostrum” and “RHB602-2005 colostrum powder”. 
Blue bullet-14px 2004
Biolife received the award for “outstanding Contribution to the New Zealand China Trade” from the Prime Minister Helen Clark.
Blue bullet-14px 2003
Biolife assisted the Chinese Ministry of Health in setting the Chinese National Standard for detecting immunoglobulin (IgG) levels in colostrum-based products.
Blue bullet-14px 2002
Changes in market demand began to show in 2002, consumers demanded more convenient colostrum products, with better formulations. Biolife NZ responded to this through new products such as the Natrapure colostrum tablets. Once again Biolife NZ was awarded a colostrum safety and functional test certificate from the Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of China. After a year of rigorous scientific testing. Biolife NZ obtained the colostrum safety and functionality certificate in 2003 (certificate No. Wei Shi Jian Jin Zi (2000)003
Blue bullet-14px 2000
  • Biolife NZ submitted the University of Otago report "Formulated Colostrum Powder Can Provide Defense Against Several Species of Bacteria" to the Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of China.
  • After strict safety and functional tests, Biolife NZ was the first company to become an certified importer, obtaining a colostrum-products health certificate (certificate No. Wei Shi Jian Jin Zi (2000)0039. This was a milestone achievement, recognizing colostrum products as functional food that support human health
  • Later that year, Biolife NZ with Healtheries, worked to develop research and technical relationships between New Zealand and Chinese scientists. A series of three major study visits occurred which included: Members from the Sanitary Supervision & Disease Prevention and Control Centre, Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of China; University members including Dr Jin Song Cao and others from Institute of Food Research South China University of Technology; and NZ colostrum top  expert Rob Shaw (Policy Planner for health supplements in NZ) and other dairy industry experts.
  • Biolife contributed to the production of Dr Jin Song Cao’s book “Bovine Colostrum Functional Food”. This has become the most complete and only published reference for the Chinese colostrum industry. 
Blue bullet-14px in or before 1999
  • After research and analysis, Biolife proposed that Colostrum improves immune system, colostrums nutritional health.
  • In 1999, Natrapure and Healtheries signed agreement with the University of Otago to develop colostrums product for China market.


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