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qualityQuality and Safety are the keys to Biolife Products committing to excellence 

Blue bullet-14px Natural High Quality dairy resources                                 

It all starts with over 10000 New Zealand farmers who supply about 22 billion litres milk annually as New Zealand is the world’s leading dairy exporter

New Zealand is unique in that it exports 95 per cent of the 19 million tones of milk produced by New Zealand farmers, continuing a history of dairy exports spanning back to 1846. New Zealand is the world’s largest exporter of dairy commodities, representing approximately one third of international dairy trade each year.
New Zealand farms produce the lush green grass which our dairy herds graze on year-round to produce milk renowned for its quality. That quality is assured with our rigorous testing and quality standards which enable us to meet the highest customer expectations.
Blue bullet-14px Scientific formulation
Biolife products are developed in New Zealand by local scientists. Take an example of Sunplus Infant Formula range; the formulations were developed to improve infants and young children’s immune system, nerve system, digestive system by introducing Lactoferrin. DHA and ARA are also formulated at a ratio of 1:1 in order to achieve a better absorption.

Blue bullet-14px Ingredients selection

The ingredients formulated for all Biolife products are sourced from approved suppliers, the likes of Fonterra, DSM and FrieslandCampina, which are globally reputable supplier we can trust. In addition, all ingredients are tested by a third party laboratory to confirm they comply with specifications. Each ingredient formulated to Biolife products are traceable, so we are able to trace any Biolife product and know exactly which ingredients were used.

Blue bullet-14px Packaging

All packaging materials used for Biolife products are sourced from New Zealand, such as metal cans, and plastic lids. Particularly, a clear lacquer BPA free coating system is applied to our can printing and this system has been approved by USFDA. I-NIGMA 2D coding system is also applied to each product for traceability purpose. Each product can be scanned to verify it unique details, such as serial number, manufacture date and batch number.

Blue bullet-14px Export procedures

Biolife product samples of each batch are sent to Assure Quality for testing and certificate
Of pasteurised dairy products for human consumption is issued by NZMPI once all results are acceptable. An export document including Country of origin is also applied from New Zealand Chamber of Commerce to confirm its origin. Further repetitive testing will also be conducted once Biolife products arrive overseas accordingly under importing countries’ regulation.  Then overseas distributors will collect the products after granting a permit from local government and then our Biolife products will be available in supermarkets.  


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