partner_1_1.jpgBiolife New Zealand is proud of our past and present business collaborations. We strive to only partner with the best companies so that you get more value from our products. Biolife has had a long history working with internationally renowned partners, below is an outline of our collaborative efforts.

Healtheries was our first manufacturing partner and produced our first range of colostrum products in 1999. Today Healtheries is still a strong partner of Biolife Peizhi branded range of products.

In 2001, Biolife NZ registered the Natrapure brand. The Natrapure brand allowed us to move into new markets and gave us more control around where we sourced and manufactured our products. We worked with leading New Zealand contract manufactures so that our customers can truly experience a New Zealand made product.

2006 marked the start of a new phase in Biolife’s development. Our R&D partnerships and manufacturing collaborations paid off as we looked to grow into new markets. We worked with a leading New Zealand dairy company to launch Natrapure infant formula – the product proved to be very popular in the Chinese market.

In 2007 Biolife NZ partnered with Sweden’s
BioGaia – the world leader in probiotic health supplements. The new Natrapure probiotic colostrum powder sachets were released which had the combined health benefits of our colostrum with the specialized L. reuteri protectis – a probiotic culture clinically proven to enhance immunity in children.

In 2008, Biolife NZ launched a new infant formula series into our Chinese market. Biolife NZ collaborated with the renowned Swiss
Group producing our Natrapure premium infant formula range. This allowed Biolife NZ to leverage on advanced Swiss technologies and capabilities to produce high quality infant formulas to our consumers in Asia.Later in 2008, Biolife released a new product targeted at the health and wellbeing for pregnant women and mothers breastfeeding. During this time, Biolife has increased our R&D focus to remain one step ahead of the innovative dynamic market.

In 2012 Biolife NZ had been working with an innovative New Zealand Dairy Company and launched in Shanghai CBME the Sunplus Infant formula, offering a natural, pure taste of New Zealand.

In 2013,  there is a big milestone development for Natrapure.

Today, Biolife NZ continues to develop its strategic partnerships to deliver innovative health care products to our loyal consumers. Biolife NZ is able to remain at the front of the market through the investments we make in research, innovation and our leading strategic partnerships.

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