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bullet points-25px Specialised brand development (1999 – 2006)

To become a market leader in the Colostrum Industry
In the 1980’s, the interest in colostrum grew exponentially when its benefits were realised. When Biolife was first incorporated, we built a partnership with Healtheries of New Zealand Limited. Together with them, we launched our Healtheries Biolife Colostrum range. This was a product range that held great benefits for a wide group of consumers in the Chinese market. Due to its superior quality and our hardworking distributors, this product line was recognised as the top performing colostrum range in both sales and market share. Furthermore, Biolife also won the New Zealand export award from NZFSA and NZTE in 2004 and 2006.

bullet points-25px Diversified brand development (2006 – 2010)

To provide the market with safe and trusted products
As the market for colostrum grew and diversified, we expand  the mother brand, Natrapure into the diversified series products, cover  infant formula  and a number of other nutritional supplements.
Being a market leader in the colostrum industry, we were given an opportunity by the Swiss Milk Group (SMG) to partner with local organisations and provide the market with a premium brand of Infant Formula-Natrapure. This forms the cornerstone of Biolife’s unique and innovative business model.

bullet points-25px Borderless Marketing and Brand Development (2010 – Current)

Developing a world renowned brand by being integrated into the global dairy supply chain whilst based in New Zealand
By efficiently harnessing New Zealand’s dairy resources, our grass fed cattle and highly efficient processing technology, Biolife has recently launched Natrapure Sunplus Infant Formula to the global market in 2012. After five years of continuous research and development, we have been able to incorporate all our findings into our latest product line. This has enabled us to compete in the global arena. To meet this new challenge, we developed new strategies that included the likes of entering strategic partnerships with organisations globally. While our products are now being exported internationally and we have a global presence, Biolife remains based in the City of Sails and will continue to utilise New Zealand’s resources within the global dairy supply chain.

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