Biolife supports New Zealand kids through Koru Care - July 2010

DSC01024_1.JPGBiolife New Zealand proudly supports New Zealand children's charitable  trust Koru Care in their Alice in Wonderland fund raising show last Saturday – 24 July 2010.

The children's show is staged by the Southern Stars Charitable Trust and three productions of the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland will be showcased at the Logan Campbell Centre with proceeds of the ticket sales going to Koru Care.

Koru Care is a registered charitable trust. Since 1983, Koru Care has been working to bring a little bit of joy into the lives of children with terminal illness or permanent disabilities. Koru Care has helped more than 10,000 young people and their families. Sometimes "help" comes in the form of whisking the children away from their less-than-perfect lives for a few days, to a fantasy destination far, far away. Other times Koru Care provide practical assistance, such as educational activities and shows.

In making dreams come true for sick and disabled children, Koru Care is also helping their families. Often, an injection of enjoyment helps to change a child's outlook, which can improve day-to-day life for their family and friends. Koru Care is particularly well known for delivering dreams in the form of memorable overseas trips. Disneyland, Europe and London are some of the dream destinations that the charity have focused on in the past. More recently, we've added dreams that are closer to home, such as the Gold Coast and local theatre productions, because some children aren't well enough for long distance air travel.

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