Colostrum Meeting in Beijing

15 Dec 2012, Saturday

2012 China colostrum industry development seminar was sponsored by the China Health Care Association raw materials branch and other associations, and the seminar was held on 15th Dec 2012 in Beijing. We were pleased to invite authorised governmental associations such as Ministry of Health, the Chinese Disease Control Centre, National Dairy industry technology innovation strategic alliance the China Dairy Industry Association, the Chinese Nutrition Society, the China Health Care Association,the State Food and Drug Administration and other relevant departments officials, nutritionist, dairy and health care experts, as well as some dairy giants to discuss the industry’s future developments.
It was clearly clarified by experts and government departments in the meeting that colostrum is only not allowed for formulating infant and young children formula. Apart from that, colostrum can be used for other formulations as long as it complies with associated regulation and standards, such as in a form of pure colostrum powder, supplement for infants and young children, functional foods and so on. They are lawfully marketed, sold and consumed; it was not scientific and evident to make comments of “colostrum is not fit for human consumption”.

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