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Natrapure® is a famous New Zealand brand of professional product series including colostrums and infant formula distributed by BIOLIFE NEW ZEALAND LTD. We wish to provide the highest quality, safety products and the best service with the best cost.

Biolife New Zealand Limited is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to providing new health product to consumers, which is the member of NZDG (New Zealand Dairy Group), a renowned New Zealand dairy company. All of Biolife products are researched and manufactured under the standards of New Zealand Dairy Group; originate from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and other countries that are known for their natural healthy products. 

Biolife New Zealand Ltd. offers a healthier way of life naturally. We have developed a range of beneficial products (such as colostrum products) that improve health by restoring the natural balance between nutrients and foodstuffs. Biolife have sales, manufacturing, research and development, and distribution facilities around the world and always been at the forefront of innovation, invention, insight and information. Biolife has integrity and their products are consistently of a high quality. We aim to meet the needs of today's health and nutrition conscious community.

Biolife has a complete and systematic marketing net in China market through the diligent work of Biolife China Ltd.; With the New Zealand & Australia and Chinese market being so different, Biolife has developed and established an independent marketing system. We have also worked on establishing and spreading Biolife in China; our products are available in malls, pharmacy chains, supermarkets, children’s specialty stores and other outlets. This entailed nine years of comprehensive marketing strategies.  

We found a way out of the difficulty of an existing difference between the western thinking model of producers in New Zealand & Australia and the rapid development rhythm of the market in China. Our solution was to establish an independent marketing system which included; Expression of the function of the products in different ways, packaging, advertising, focus on specific points and unique features, locating different consumer groups and defining the target markets and price-fixing of the product. At the same time, we also addressed elderly consumers. We became directly responsible for a comprehensive customer service system and received recognition for establishing and spreading our business in the Chinese market.

With regards to customer service, we established a customer service link to serve consumers directly and formed an integrated unit with the sales system which operates all over China which we founded at that time. Also, we established complete Sales channels, including Malls, supermarkets, pharmacy chains, children’s products retailers, special shops and hospitals, during past five- year- marketing.

Biolife's aspirations go above and beyond simply being seen as the "partner of choice" when collaborating on the development of innovative healthcare products with Fonterra, Biogaia - we strive to establish long-term relationships where both parties realize maximum value and achieve strategic goals.  



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