For over a decade Biolife NZ has lead the way in the colostrum industry in Asia. We recognise that the development of innovative technology in products and processes is crucial if we are to ensure the sustainability of the colostrum industry. Biolife NZ is also a proponent of ‘Open Innovation’, we acknowledge that companies need to work collaboratively with external partners to find new products and technologies faster and with greater certainty, all for the greater good of our consumers.

Biolife NZ Strives to deliver the safest and the best products incorporating the most advanced, innovative technology and research results. We recognise the importance of research and development and we have been dedicating ourselves in the colostrum research through:
  • Sponsoring university lead research projects
  • Cooperation with external companies possessing the most advanced processing technology and facilities
  • Continuous formulation improvements in our products to maximise the benefits of our consumers

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