What is the recommended dosage and when should I take it?

Many people refer to the recommended serving size on the package when taking colostrum products, but does it truly give us the correct daily intake amount of colostrum? The acquired immunity from colostrum depends on the amount of lgG within the colostrum. According to the daily nutrient intake recommendations from the New Zealand National Dairy Association 2010, the effective/acceptable daily intake of IgG is 0.0085g of IgG/ Kg of weight for a healthy individual. However for the sub-healthy population, the recommended daily IgG intake increases to 0.021g IgG/Kg of weight. Therefore for immediate support an intake of 1g of IgG everyday is both effective and economical – although for children, the recommended daily intake should follow weight ratio.

As for when to start supplementing with colostrum, any time would be suitable for an adult. Colostrum has a cumulative effect, which means that it should be taken for a minimum period of two to three weeks. If discontinued, the effect will gradually decrease. 

Colostrum supplement for children is slightly different. It is important to note that children’s bodies naturally produce adequate amounts of immune and growth factors into adolescence. As a result, children do not need to use colostrum continuously, but should reserve it for help in treating the occasional illness.

For young children, experts pointed out that between 1~6 years old, children have not completed the development of their immune system while losing the maternally acquired immunity. Children at this stage may need external help to complement their own immunity. Children after 6 years old usually have 60%-70% of adult immunity and therefore they do not have to continue taking the immune supplements. If the colostrum supplements are discontinued at the stage between 4~6 years old, a gradual termination is recommended. The correct way is to take the colostrum product every other day and gradually transit to full termination.


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