Who can benefit from taking colostrum?

Humans have been using colostrum as a dietary supplement for a variety of reasons for over thousands of years. Biolife's family of colostrum products are designed for a range of people ranging from infants to adults to those that experience low immunity.

  • Infants and young children
For infants, formulations of colostrum compound powder is the best option. Our colostrum compound powders contains 90 gram of pure colostrum powder. It also includes Prebiotics to promote digestion and nutrient absorption in young children. Babies initial immune resistance acquired from the mother begins to decline at 6 months of age* During this period of low immunity, children often require supplementary immune factors to support their health. In addition, growth factors and calcium in our colostrum formulations aid growth and development of children.

  • Children and teenagers
Colostrum contains rich dairy proteins, growth factors, vitamins and minerals to promote bone density, and help with general growth and development. At the same time, it enhances immunity to reduce the risk of pathogen and viral attacks.

  • Pregnant Women
Colostrum can help to enhance women's physique during pregnancy, to reduce external pathogenic invasion and protect the unborn baby.

The immune resistance in early pregnancy is relatively poor and mothers are vulnerable to illness. Immune factors such as IgG in colostrum not only enhance the immunity of the mother to prevent illness from the flu, pneumonia or other diseases, it can also improve the immunity of the baby through the passing of IgG via the placenta.

  • Senior Population
As we age our organ functions begins to decline. After the age of 56, our immune antibodies (IgG) can drop down to 30-50% of the original level. This increases the risk of illness in the senior population. We can replenish IgG through taking colostrum. It can strengthen our physique, promote cellular growth and return functions back to health. In addition, insomnia is a common problem amongst the elderly, colostrum has also been tested and verified to improve sleep quality.

  • Postoperative patients
As the consumption of colostrum can boost immunity, this helps reduce the risk of post surgery infections. In addition, various growth factors present in colostrum and the abundant protein content can support rapid wound recovery, preventing weight reduction, and body fatigue as a result of healing.

   * Graph showing immunity levels as we age.


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