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bigstockphoto Happy Family 183214 1 1 1 培芝是一家主要从事高端乳业品牌运作的新西兰本土企业。培芝成立于1999年,总部位于有“千帆之都”之称的新西兰奥克兰市。自公司成立伊始,凭借新西兰得天独厚的乳品资源和产业地位优势,致力于为消费者提供新西兰以及欧洲原产原装的高端产品,确保所有培芝出品的产品均符合新西兰及欧盟标准至今,培芝已成功运作了两大著名品牌,其涵盖了四大产品类别,分别是婴幼儿配方奶粉、牛初乳产品、高端营养乳品和特殊营养补充品。

2010 年上海世博会
Research and Innovation
Why Colostrum?

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This year, you can find Biolife New Zealand at the world-class event - Shanghai World Expo 2010, located right in heart of the city. Biolife New Zealand is privileged to hold a retail space within the New Zealand pavilion for the entire duration of the expo -  

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For over a decade Biolife NZ has lead the way in the colostrum industry in Asia. We recognise that the development of innovative technology in products and processes is crucial if we are to ensure the sustainability of the colostrum industry. 

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Colostrum is nature's super food, protecting you health through supporting your immune system. It is 100% natural and our colostrum comes from healthy pasture fed cow

Colostrum has critical ingredients
New! Sunplus Infant Formula
Colostrum benefit bodybuilding
Breast milk study show colostrum has a higher level of nitrite than normal milk. Nitrite is converted to nitric oxide which important in infecting and supports the nervous system.

  Sunplus infant formula is produced in New Zealand. It covers three stages from birth to three years old by stage1 (0-6 months), stage2 (6-12 months) and stage3 (1-3 years). This product contains abundant nutrition to satisfy the baby nutritional needs and is also fortified with Lactoferrin more than 50mg/100g in each stage. More...  
The use of colostrum as a body building supplement is an area of active research. many studies addresses the overall benefits of colostrum for athletes have indicated promising links between supplement colostrum and increased athletes performance in many ways

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