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Sunplus 培芝.瑞智(Peizhi Ruizhi) 

Biolife NZ Master brand-Natrapure is welcoming her new born-Sunplus. The products under this brand are New Zealand made Infant Formula. They are Sunplus Infant Formula Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.
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Natrapure 百立乐(Bai Li Le)


Biolife NZ Natrapure brand contains the largest range of colostrum and dairy based nutritional products, including pure colostrum powders with varying immunoglobulin content, colostrum compound powders, colostrum tablets, colostrum capsules and infant formulas. Natrapure products are suitable for all ages.



Healtheries培芝 (Peizhi ) 


Biolife NZ with our manufacturer Healtheries collaboratively developed the Healtheries/ Peizhi series which specialises in colostrum based products including pure colostrum powder sachets, colostrum tablets, colostrum compound powder, and premium compound powders. 



Mamancare金冕妈妈(Jin Mian Mama)


Mamancare is the brand for all pregnant women out there. This product aims at optimizing the health and well-being of pregnant mothers and providing plenty of essential nutrients for developing babies.


View Mamancare in Chinese www.mamancare.com.cn




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